Beyond invitations: Joinable turns intentions into reality


Summer party outdoors

Hello everyone, the Joinable team has been hard at work, and we have some exciting product updates to share with you!

Joinable’s mission–to bring people together in person–is more important than ever, and we are deeply grateful for your ongoing enthusiasm and support! As always, please share with us any feedback, feature ideas, or inspiration that you think might help us have a bigger impact. ♥️

New Shareable Invitations

Joinable activities can now be easily and beautifully shared with anyone, anywhere! From the Activity details page just click the big “Share” button, and then click the “Share”, or “Copy” buttons to get the invitation link. Paste that link into a text message, group chat, or even a social post, and you will see it expand into a beautiful invitation that your friends will love.

Best of all, there’s no need for your friends to sign up for Joinable or install the app. When your friends click on the link, they will see a simple invitation page where they can get all the details, and even RSVP to let you know they are coming.

We have also created new shareable invitations to connect, and to join circles. Play around with them, we hope you’ll find them as delightful as we do.

Just Scan to Connect

We have made it even easier to connect with people on Joinable when you’re together in person. Have both people click the “Add or find friends” button, and then have one person slide the switch from “Share Link” to “Scan”, and then scan the other person’s code. It immediately creates a connection between you so you can see each other’s Activity invitations, chat, etc.

And as always, if your friend hasn’t yet signed in, they can just scan your code from the welcome screen of the app.

Introducing City Circles

Everyone now is automatically added to a special circle for their city (in my case Mill Valley, CA), which allows them to easily see which of their friends live nearby, and easily invite them to activities! Don’t worry, you’ll never see any strangers in these circles, it’s only for grouping people you already know.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Perhaps the most obvious change to the mobile app is that we’ve simplified the navigation, moving around some of our tabs and buttons. The “+ New” button has moved from the top right of the screen to the middle of the bottom bar, but it has the same functionality. When you are on the Join tab it creates a new Activity, when you are on the Connect tab it creates a new Circle, etc. The Alerts tab has also moved from the top right to the bottom right corner. We think this is prettier and simpler to use, so we hope you like it!