Joinable for employees 👩‍💻

Live music, game nights, hikes, meetups, and more.


Are you looking to make new friends, or just find fun things to do? That's what Joinable is all about.

An "open door" to social connection

Joinable helps build empathy and trust through in-person social connection. Sharing opportunities is easy because they become real once others decide to join. Inclusivity is built into the sharing model–it’s easy to invite everyone.

No to the naysayers

Joinable reaches everyone, even if they're not big on new apps. You can see what activities are happening, say if you're coming, and even chat with the group, all via SMS. So, even the naysayers can't say no to joining in the fun.

Transparency, privacy and data

Our engagement insights are anonymous and open for everyone on the team to see, from team members to account owners. No hidden stats—what you see is what everyone else sees. This transparency allows everyone to understand how our social interactions actually make a difference in how well we perform as a team.


How much does it cost?
We're currently piloting the Teams feature and haven't decided on a cost.

How does the product work?
A team license enables a Team Circle, which gives the account owner tools and guidance for setting up the program, and allows everyone in the team to set goals, measure results, and even compete against other teams.

Does this allow companies and managers to snoop on their employees?
Absolutely not. All engagement is anonymous. Also, team members own their Joinable accounts and can choose whether or not to include managers in their activities.

How do you get team members to use the app?
Ideally activities are created and shared by and for the team members. No app download is needed — team members can participate entirely by SMS. 

How can I learn more?
We have some initial documentation here. You can also set up time for a demo.