How it works

Make time for real connections.


Whether meeting new people or connecting with old friends, Joinable helps bring people together, in person.


A list of opportunities to get together with friends

Joinable greets you every day with an enticing list of opportunities to hang out with your friends. These are ideas that they have proposed - and are inviting you to! You can like, follow, add a comment or a question, or click the "Join" button to let them know that you're in.

Go live, in the flesh

Have some downtime and open for adventure? Stumbled on an amazing event and wish your friends could join? Join Me Now broadcasts the opportunity to the Circles that would appreciate it the most. It's your beacon for connecting. 

See how you're connected

Joinable features profiles that highlight how you're connected, making it easy to find the people you want to spend time with. Friends can also share opportunities to join shared actives that align with mutual interests. Whether it’s a social club, a friend group, or a fitness group, Joinable helps open the door to a deeper connection.

Your connections are organized with Circles

Life is made up of circles — your family, your close friends, your colleagues, interest groups, etc. Circles allow you to engage and share activities with the people you know who share your passions.