How it works

Purpose-built for real social connection.


Joinable is a beautifully simple app that is designed to help you learn about and connect with the people around you, and discover opportunities to get together in person.

Available on iOS, Android, and at


Joinable Circles & Profiles

Joinable Circles allow you to browse the people in your college, company, building, or club. Each person has a rich profile showing their interests and associations, making it easy to find the people you want to spend time with. When you see people you know, you can ask them to connect as a Friend on Joinable, opening the door to messaging and in-person activities. 

Joinable Activities & Chat

Joinable greets you every day with an enticing list of opportunities to hang out with people you know or want to get to know. These are ideas for activities that they have proposed and are inviting you to! Each one has an associated group chat that is only for the people that might be interested in going. You can add a comment or a question, or click the "Interested" or "Join" buttons to let them know that you're in.

Quick activity creation

Whether you're sharing a future event or creating an intention for the day, just write a few words and Joinable does the rest for you. You can also just paste in a link to an invitation or event page you found, and Joinable will import it with a single click.