Earn money while making a difference. Be a student ambassador.

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Let's face it, social life on campus can be challenging at times. There are a LOT of people and clubs, we all work too hard, and when we do take breaks people can be pretty cliquey. This isn't an isolated problem: research shows that college students today are experiencing more loneliness than ever before.

Fortunately, there is a solution! Joinable is an app for college students that provides a kind of "social LinkedIn" for your campus. On Joinable, you can easily see who's who in your dorm, major, club, team, etc., learn what they're interested in, and how you're connected. 

Joinable is hiring student ambassadors to help drive growth on the campus. Click the button below to start your application.

Apply to be an ambassador

What's a student ambassador?

A student ambassador is Joinable's primary representative on campus, and does much of the basic work of driving user awareness and adoption. Ambassadors spend 3-5 hours/week working with the Joinable founders and marketing team doing product feedback, brainstorming, hanging posters, and tabling on campus. We are looking for students who are highly social and highly motivated to succeed.

What's in it for me?

  • Earn up to $500/month. Joinable student ambassadors get paid! You earn $250/month guaranteed and up to $250/month more for performance.
  • Get experience on your résumé. When you graduate, you can show employers that you've been part of a successful startup.
  • Make your campus more socially inclusive! Your work with Joinable can make a big difference in the lives of other students. 

How do I apply?

First, make sure you're really interested in Joinable. Get the app from the App Store, and really check it out. Feel free to connect with the Joinable founders on the app and/or test it by inviting a few of your friends. When you're ready, you can click the link above to complete a short online form. We read every submission and will get back to you within 24 hours. If you meet the qualifications, we'll schedule a 30 minute video interview so we can get to know each other better.