Joinable for friends 👭

Spend more time together


Nurturing friendships can be hard, and social media isn’t helping. Joinable helps bring friends together in person and provides easy tools for sharing and coordinating — the ingredients for building trusted and meaningful relationships.

Make time for friends

Meeting up in person is important for a healthy friendship, but it’s not always easy when you have busy lives. Joinable’s Shared Activities create casual opportunities to join friends without the pressure or hassle of planning events. It could be a break for lunch, a weekend hike or a concert in the park.

Share free time

Knowing when your friends are free can be tricky. Not everyone is brave enough to message everyone when they're free. Joinable makes it easy to let your close friends know you're free to hang out. 

Chat in context

Group chat can be great when you need it, but really annoying when it's not relevant. When coordinating an activity or event, the group chat only includes the people who are participating.